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From the moment she started her job, Vanessa Woods had an easy choice to make.

She could take her time to think about what she wanted to achieve in her life and her profession.

But, the 25-year-old said, her life changed after she realised her future was in the woodcarving trade.

“My future has changed,” Woods said.

“My career and my career’s in the woods.”

Woods, who is from Brisbane, Australia, said her first brush with wood carving was in a nursery, when she was eight.

“I was the only child there, and my sister was there as well,” she said.

“They were a very supportive family.

I was very spoiled by that time.”

Wood and her sister were inspired to start a craft and became involved with wood carveries, which they started in their teens.

They started in Perth and grew their business to include a second shop in Melbourne.

They now employ about 300 people and are also building a small studio and exhibition space.

The business has also gained international attention, winning international awards such as the 2017 Best Wood Carving in Australia.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the skills that we’re able to acquire, to showcase our craftsmanship,” Woods told Al Jazeera.

“A lot of the artisans and woodcarvists that are coming into this world, there’s a lot of opportunity to be able to showcase that as well.”

We’ve just got to be ready for it.