How Viking woodcarved sculptures became a pop culture icon August 4, 2021 August 4, 2021 admin

AUSTIN — Some of the most iconic images of Viking warrior culture have been carved in wood.

In this series, CBS News looks at how some of these iconic images became cultural icons.

A Viking warrior is depicted as wearing a helmet.

A Viking warrior holds an axe.

A female warrior poses in front of an altar with an offering bowl.

A group of warriors is seen kneeling to pray.

The Viking warrior’s helmet features a helmet crest.

A warrior’s sword rests in his right hand.

A man stands with his back to the viewer.

A warrior is seen fighting a monster with a spear.

A woman carries a shield and shield holder.

A pair of warriors hold spears and shield holders.

A man holds a sword and shield.

A boy holds a shield.

A girl poses in a field.

A girl stands with a sword in her hand.

A woman carries an offering.

A child kneels before a large stone.

A wolf is depicted holding a spear, while a woman carries spear.

A child kneel with a child.

A spear is shown on a stone.

The man who wields the spear has an open mouth.

A dog stands guard at the entrance to the city of Uppsala.

A hunter is shown fighting a large wild animal with a large axe.

A dog carries an axe with the hunter at its head.

A group of men are seen kneeling.

A couple is shown kneeling.

The men are wearing helmets with an eagle head on them.

A person with long hair is seen standing on a horse.

A young girl poses with a knife and a sword.

A boy stands with an axe in his hand.

Another boy is seen holding an axe, with his hands in the air.

A large tree with a man in the middle is shown.

A bird with a bird in its beak is shown in the foreground.

A boat is seen.

A horse is shown with a helmet on its back.

A deer stands on a cliff.

A rabbit is shown running around a field of wheat.

A farmer’s field is shown surrounded by a group of people.

A house is shown behind a man.

A river is shown to the side.

A wagon is seen behind a wagon.

A young girl with a dog walks beside a man and woman in a white dress.

A deer is seen on a road.

A small boy stands behind a table with a bottle of wine.

A family is shown walking past a house with a sign reading “Wish to see you again?”

A man is shown holding a large, round shield.

Two women are seen sitting in a row.

A large, tall, bald man is seen walking.

A bear is shown jumping from a tree.

A cow is shown grazing in a pasture.

A tree is shown standing on two branches.

A tree is covered with a blanket.

A snowman is seen with a snow globe.

A giant eagle is seen flying.

A horse is seen running in a circle.

A baby horse is on the ground.

A herd of sheep is shown at the front.

A pig is shown playing.

A river is seen surrounded by three men.

A water truck is seen driving along the riverbank.

A fisherman is shown swimming.

A shepherd is seen in a village.

A wooden ship is shown moving along a river.

A woodcarver is shown carving a wooden ship out of wood.

A bearded man holds an ax.

A long-haired man is holding a sword with two curved blades.

A tall woman is shown wearing a long coat.

A white woman is seen carrying a sword at her hip.

A red-haired woman is holding an ax at her waist.

A goat is shown sitting on a large tree.

A tall man stands on his horse.

The sun is seen rising over a field with three horses.

A village is shown from the side of a house.

A dwarf is shown dressed in a coat.

A fisherman is seen swimming.

People are shown at a lake with boats and men on them in the background.

A ship is seen sailing in the water.

A huge tree with people is shown along the lake.

A car is shown sailing along a lake.

A small child stands on top of a tall tree.

The house is seen from the top.

A bald man holds the sword in his left hand.

An old man is standing in front a wooden door.

A lady is shown eating a food basket.

A farmer is shown riding his donkey in the field.

A fire is shown burning in the distance.

A building is shown covered with snow.

A fire is seen blowing in the wind.

A soldier is shown lying in a snowdrift.

A castle is seen floating in the sea.

A pirate is shown flying his boat on the water’s edge.

A sea monster is shown near a boat.

A sailor is seen sitting on the dock.

A blacksmith is shown working on a sword on the wooden platform.

A fighter is shown practicing his fighting style.

A big boat is shown, with a Viking