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An illustrated pattern of wood carving that illustrates a series of woodcarved motifs in the Great Plains.

Woodcarving is an art form that dates back at least to the 16th century.

The art is associated with a wide variety of artistic styles including ceramics, woodblock prints, stained glass, and even the arts of the Americas.

Wood carving was developed as a way to create patterns in wood and stone in an effort to enhance the artistic value of the object, which was often used for religious purposes.

The artist typically used an animal, a plant, or other material to create the design.

Wood carvers in the early 1800s were not allowed to carve a particular object, and some worked in isolation to carve out their own style.

By the 1900s, the art had become so popular that carving became part of the art.

The first major exhibition in the U.S. occurred in 1909, with exhibitions by the New York City Woodcarvers and Arts Museum and the Minneapolis Woodcarver Art Museum.

Today, there are over 300 galleries, museums, and other collections dedicated to woodcarvings.

The Woodcarves and Arts of Minnesota website offers a collection of works from the Woodcarve and Arts movement.

The collection includes an array of carved objects, from hand carved furniture to wood carving implements.