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Engadgets – The Woodcarvers Magazine is an illustrated magazine of wood carving and wood carving illustration, which features artists and enthusiasts from around the world who work to create unique wood carvings, illustrations and other works.

The magazine is based in Singapore, and covers the full range of wood carvers and woodcarvers illustration.

The Wood Carvers Magazine has been published by Engadges since 2016.

Engadgits magazine is a subscription-based magazine, which has been running since 2008, and is the most popular woodcarver magazine in Singapore.

Engadgets magazine features woodcarves from the following artists:Angie Hsu, Anjana Varma, Arvind Bhagat, Beowulf, Daniele Lagozzi, Daniel Zaremba, Daniel Schulz, Daniel Wong, Giorgio Sgarbossa, Henry Nguyen, Josh Gogol, Joseph Yiu, Mattia Mazzone, Natalya Mazzoni, Olga Zukovska, Rina Cremieva, Rachael Stadtmayer, Saif Ahmed, Sebastien Menezes, Sylvie Tournier, Tobias Poulsen, Véronique Mabry, Vladimir Rios, and Yannick Le Blanc.

Engads Wood Carving Magazine has also been published on the site of the Singapore Wood Carver Association, as well as by Woodcarver Magazine Singapore, the Woodcarvist blog, and the Singapore Association of Wood Carves.

The Wood Carve’s magazine features a variety of articles including woodcarve illustrations, woodcarvings in book form, wood carving videos, and more.

In addition, Engadggles features articles by famous woodcarved artists and wood carving enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe.

Woodcarving Magazine was originally launched in 2007, and was created in response to the rapid growth of wood carve galleries and bookstores, which had become increasingly popular over the past decade.

The woodcarven artist community in Singapore has grown to include artists from all over the world, who have exhibited and produced works of woodcraft, woodcraft illustration, woodwork, and wood work in Singapore and around the globe.

In Singapore, Woodcarve Magazine has become the most visited woodcarvern magazine, with more than 1.5 million unique visitors a month, according to Engadags website.