How to fix NFL’s “bland” uniforms August 24, 2021 August 24, 2021 admin

The NFL has a new look to its uniforms, and it looks very much like a new team.

The Bills have just released their new uniforms, the Bills Black and White.

The NFL unveiled the uniforms ahead of the season and they feature the same uniform design that the team wore last season.

The uniform has the “Bills” on the sleeves, white pants and white helmets.

But the most notable change is that the helmets have a white stripe across them.

The new helmets are the Bills’ first uniforms since 2010.

The uniforms are available in two sizes, the standard and heavyweight.

The standard size is the size you would wear in a typical game.

The heavyweight is the standard size.

The NFL says the new uniforms feature the “black and white” look.

The team also redesigned the helmet, which has a white strip across the front, the stripes running from the neckline down the sides.

The stripes run along the sides of the helmet and over the shoulders.

The pants are now gray, instead of white.

The Bills will wear the new jerseys through the 2018 season.

There are two other teams that will have their uniforms redesigned for next season.

Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets will have uniforms that are similar to the Bills and Jets uniforms, with the Jaguars’ new design being a mix of white and black.

The team is currently working on uniforms for 2018, but the Bills are the only team with new uniforms.