NFL owners urge players to stay off social media August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin

The NFL has issued a warning to players not to use social media platforms, arguing that their use is likely to have an adverse effect on them and their families.

Players will have to abide by league rules and be careful about how they use social networks to keep themselves and their teams safe, the league said in a memo to owners on Thursday.

It is not a mandatory, one-time policy, but it is a very important, important part of the game, NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told the Associated Press.

Players who do not follow league rules on social media may be subject to discipline and/or suspension.

Players have to follow league-imposed social media guidelines, including a ban on using social media to promote themselves, and avoid engaging in inappropriate content.

The memo said players will be asked to provide evidence of their social media use.

Players can also avoid sharing the same profile picture on social networks as other people, and will have the ability to limit who can see their images, the memo said.

The league also has asked teams to make certain that players’ posts and photos are accurate and up to date, and to keep all player information and photos on their own personal accounts.