Bournemouth’s bird sanctuary was the first to lose its owner September 1, 2021 September 1, 2021 admin

Bournchers Woodcarvers Guild has announced it will close its barns and shut its workshops.

The announcement follows a letter from its founder, David Bourncher, to the Bourners Woodcarving School, and a letter to its owners, the Bowness family.

The Woodcarver Guild said it had made a number of mistakes, including the decision to close barns in the 1990s, and had no plans to reopen.

“We’re not planning to reopen until we can find a buyer for our facilities,” the Bauncher Woodcarves said in a statement.

“The Bournetts were a small family and they did not realise that the barns were a part of their heritage.”

Bournemouth has the potential to be a world class centre for woodcarved wood.

However, they will be missed.

“Mr Bournner, who died in 2016, founded the Woodcarvens Guild in 2003.”

It was the biggest tragedy in my life,” he told the newspaper.”

A lot of the people that came to see the workshop, they were not able to see it as it was there in the woodcarver workshops.

“When I saw that, it just shattered my heart.

It was like, ‘you know what?’

I couldn’t believe it.”

You’ve got a little thing, a small thing, in the heart of a community that is such a big part of British life.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I just think that people need to have the space to do that.”

The Baunchers, whose main workshop in Northumberland has a wooden frame, were the first in the country to close in the late 1990s.

“That was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” Mr Bourner said.

“Because you’re a family.

You’re a community.

You know your heritage and you know your history.”

And I knew that, I knew what we stood for, I was proud of our heritage.

I was passionate about the woodworking trade.

“But I also knew that it was something that was something to be respected and loved and cared for.”

People came to us, people came to the Woodcarpets Guild, people went to the Royal Artillery.

“I remember that time in the mid-90s when there was a massive outpouring of support from people all around the country.”

Bournchers is one of three surviving woodcarves guilds in England.

The other two are in the west of England, and are called the Wood Carving Guild of the North and the Woodwood Woodcarve Guild of Kent.

The Wood Carvers Guilds was established in 1868 by James O’Hara.

In a letter dated October 6, the Woodcrafts Guild of Wales said it was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the news of the closure of the Bounchers Wood Carves Guild.

The guild said it would reopen the shop in the new year.

“There are no immediate plans to close the Wood Crafts Guild,” it said.

“We are deeply saddened by this news and wish to express our gratitude to the owners and staff of the WoodCarving Guilds of Wales and to the community at large for the outpouring in support.”

The Woodcars Guild has also announced it is to open a wood carving workshop at its former location in Newquay, West Sussex.