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What’s the most popular carving tool?

Woodcarvers in Australia use vise-grip saws that have been around for millennia, but a recent study found that they’ve been outdated.

The Australian Woodcarving Society (AWS) says its members should get over their fear of them, because they’re not dangerous to the hand or body.

Photo: Supplied It’s been around since the early 1900s, and for decades it was a fairly common tool in Australia’s craftspeople.

However, since the mid-2000s, the Visera, or Vise Grip, has become more popular in Australia.

It’s used to cut wood, but in some countries like New Zealand it’s also used to carve stone, paper, ceramic and more.

Here are the top five reasons why woodcarvers should use the Vises Grip: 1.

They don’t break The Vises grips are not designed to break, which makes them safer to use in the hands.

Photo by Robyn Wicks, Supplied “You get rid of any possibility of the wood cutting away with the hand,” said Dr. David Fournier, an Australian Woodworking Society member and a specialist in woodcarveting.

“The Vises grip has the ability to hold the wood down, so if you have a small piece of wood that’s falling, it’s not going to cut it off with your hand.”


It cuts well If you’re a seasoned woodworker, you know the Visers grips are made from strong wood.

They’re also fairly lightweight.

“They can easily be held up against your skin and the wood is not moving,” Dr. Fournie said.


It won’t hurt you They’re designed to only cut into a certain depth, which is important when carving wood.

“It’s quite sensitive to cuts and the vibrations that you get from your body when you use it,” Dr Fourniest said.


It makes it easier to handle The Vise grips are meant to be used in one hand, which gives you the ability of making quick cuts and sweeping across the carving surface without touching the workpiece.

Dr Fennier recommends using them with a safety belt or a heavy towel to protect the fingers from damage.


They have a history of being abused Many people have tried using the Vising grips to carve wood, including in the past, but that’s not always the case.

“You can’t always count on a hand to be in the right place,” Dr Frillier said.

“Sometimes the Visedges hands don’t work very well, so you need to be careful.”

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