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Posted November 06, 2018 07:04:22Leah Goddard Woodcarver (or ‘Goddard’) is a Scottish artist who created woodcarvings using the most common tools available to the time period of the 20th century.

She is best known for the wooden tools she made using her woodcarvers tools.

She also created the first digital image of her work, The Woodcarving Picture.

In 2017, the Glasgow-based artist was awarded a bronze medal by the Queen for her work on the Scottish Government’s ‘A Good Year for the Scots’ programme.

In the same year, she was awarded the Queen’s Trust for the Arts (QA) Medal for her conservation work.

The first woodcarved image of the Scottish flag by Leah Goddard was created in 2015.

She created the images using her two-stroke machine in a series of woodcarves.

In her ‘Shelter and Healing’ Woodcarves, Leah recounts the journey of a young boy who lost his mother and grandmother.

The woodcarve was taken from the original picture by Leah and the family.

The story is told through the boy’s experience of the woodcarvens journey.

She explained: ‘I think I was inspired by a lot of things, including the children in my family, who were quite old at the time, so they were quite isolated and they had no understanding of what they were doing.

They were also quite young, they hadn’t really had time to get to know their surroundings.

So, it was quite a lonely time.”

The wood’ is Leah’s way of describing the wood that forms the surface of a piece of wood.

It is the material that makes up the wood grain.

Leah said: ‘The wood is the most important part of a woodcarvel.

The grain is very important and the grain is what holds the wood together.’

The grain is the glue that holds the pieces together.

The glue is very thin, it’s very brittle, and it takes a lot to get it to stick to each other.’

It’s the glue you need to put on a piece and it’s the wood.’

If you’ve got a piece with a very thick grain, it doesn’t stick to one another very well, and the wood is very brittle.’

You can’t just just go and just use it for a piece.

So it’s really important to have it with you, and then, when you’re using it, you need the strength to pull it apart.’

When you’re making a wood carver, you’re actually making the wood, and that’s what makes the wood really special.

It’s the quality of the grain and the quality the wood has, that makes the piece of art that you’re working on.’

Leah, who is from Glasgow, has since moved to the US, where she is now based in New York.

She said: I have been able to work with a lot more people and learn more about the craft, and I have a lot closer relationships and a lot better connections to people in the US.’

I’m still very much influenced by the Scottish heritage and culture of the people who made this woodcarvest, and what it means to them.’

In terms of the work, I don’t really go back to Scotland.

It doesn’t feel like home, and being able to get away to do a project like this where I’m travelling and learning about it and creating it and learning from people that are there, it feels really good.’

The Woodcarvers Woodcarved Picture has since been made available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It can be viewed in full here.

Leah is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for Arts and Culture, an honour for artists whose work contributes to the national life of the United Kingdom.

The award is the Queen and Prince Philip’s personal recognition for their contribution to art and culture.