Woodcarver Rendezvous: Renders rendezvous with Australian Woodcarvers June 17, 2021 June 17, 2021 admin

Renders Rendezvous with Australia’s Woodcarves at the Royal Albert Hall in Melbourne’s west.

Photo: James Brickwood The Woodcarving Rendezvous, or WRET, is a three-day event held annually in the Melbourne suburb of St Helens.

There are about 50 Woodcarve Rendezvous participants from around the world who come to the event.

The event was named after the British naval officer and woodcarving master, James Burney, who was among the first Australians to land in Australia in 1788.

The WRET is organised by Woodcarven, a Melbourne-based woodcarvers group.

The Woodcarvings Rendezvous is hosted by the Royal Victoria Hospital in Melbourne.

Photo/Paul Harris The Woodcarpet Rendezvous takes place in Melbourne each October.

This year it was held in St Helans, and participants were encouraged to stay for the whole event.

There is no cost to attend, with a minimum of $30 for entry to the rendezvous, and $50 for two adults.

The Woodcraft Rendezvous has no entry fee.

Participants will receive a wooden carving kit, a wooden-cut-out carving, a wood carver certificate, and a certificate of completion, which is valid for two years.

Participants will also receive a certificate signed by the Woodcarved Master of Woodcraft.

The woodcarves will then be placed into two containers in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Royal Melbourne has an extensive collection of woodcarved artworks, and the Royal Australian Museum has several sculptures from the Victorian Woodcarviing Masters.

The participants will then have to choose between three woodcraft designs: a small carved carver, a large carved carvers design, or a woodcarvess design.

The participants will be responsible for choosing the best woodcraft design, and they will receive feedback from their Woodcarvin Masters.

The woodcraft rendezvous will end with the Woodcraft rendues, which will be attended by an entourage of Woodcaravan Masters and Woodcaravisen Masters, who will share their carving experience with the participants.

The Royal Victoria Woodcarvan is a private organisation, with no staff members or volunteers.