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When the original LEGO movie came out in 2007, there was a whole lot of controversy over its depiction of feminism.

Many saw it as a misogynistic take on the franchise, and its focus on boys and the violence that they experience.

It’s a film that also featured a significant amount of sexualised scenes and violence, and many found the film a bit over the top.

There’s a lot of backlash for that, but Lego has been very upfront about the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously when it comes to gender equality.

Lego has since made a big push to improve its depictions of women and to make sure it’s not sexist in general, and it’s a trend that’s spreading across the Lego brand.

The company has been promoting its new game LEGO Marvel Super Heroes since last year, and the new figures have been made to be more realistic, with parts of the bodies of women, such as the ones in the new movie, being made to look more like actual human beings.

Lego’s new movie is set in the fictional city of Metropolis, and one of the first sets released in the game is the first set of Lego characters to feature a female character.

In the film, we get to see this female figure in action, with Lego’s chief marketing officer, Tom King, making sure that the movie’s characters are fully fleshed out in the film.

In addition to the female characters, we also get to meet and interact with more than a few other female characters in the movie.

The first female character to be introduced is Lucy, a Lego member of the Justice League.

In this movie, she’s joined by her best friend Lexa, a member of Wonder Woman’s Justice League, and a young girl named Quagmire.

The movie also includes a new female character called Wonder Woman: The Woman in Red, voiced by actress Ciara Renée, who plays the main character.

She was introduced as part of a mission to stop the villain Cyborg, and is the only female member of her team in the entire movie.

And this isn’t the first time Lego has brought more female characters to the world of Lego.

Last year, Lego announced that it was bringing a new character called Princess Bubblegum to the toy line, which was also a very well received announcement.

This new Lego film will likely see more female protagonists in the future.

It is a bit of a mixed bag for the Lego Movie, though.

The film’s female characters are often seen as just a bit more realistic than their male counterparts, and they’re often given the opportunity to do things they couldn’t do in the Lego universe.

For instance, Quagmi is able to use her wings to glide, but she can’t fly, so she has to use a robot suit.

The Lego Movie also features a number of female characters that are less developed than their males counterparts.

We get to get to know the heroes more in the LEGO movie, and we see a new group of female superheroes named the Warriors.

They are one of many female superhero teams in the franchise.

These are the female superheroes who were introduced in the first movie.

They also get a chance to fight Cyborg, a villain who is basically an embodiment of the sexist nature of the Lego franchise.

This female character is also voiced by Amy Acker.

While Quagmy is the most well-developed female superhero in the series, she is one of a number in the sequel that aren’t as well developed.

In The Lego Batman Movie, Quags sister Barbara Gordon is the one character who is really well developed, and has some great moments.

The other female superhero is Catwoman, and her voice is very similar to that of Barbara Gordon.

The characters who don’t get a whole heck of a lot to do in this film are also characters who are not as well established.

It feels a bit odd to see the female heroes in a Lego movie without any action scenes, and while there are some female characters who have some amazing moments, it’s hard to find any real action in this Lego movie.

There are some great scenes in The Lego Ninjago Movie, but the story and action scenes don’t really feel as powerful as those in the original movie.

In LEGO Batman V. The Dark Knight Rises, the female superheroines in the movies have their own solo films, and in the latter film, they’re all female.

They’re a big part of the story, but they’re mostly just doing things.

It also seems that Lego has done a lot with the Lego Wonder Woman toys.

Lego even released a new set of Wonder Women in the 2016 movie, which included a character called The Princess that was also voiced in the second movie.

It seems like the Lego movie will definitely focus on the Wonder Women of the future, but we’re sure that we’ll be seeing more female-led Lego movies coming.

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