How to create a character using claymation June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 admin

Ray Kinman Woodcarver, a master of claymations, has been making claymated creatures for decades, and this new video shows him demonstrating how to do it with clay.

Kinman is also using clay to create the illusion of the characters head as it walks around.

The creator’s clay was created using a process called “glue clay.”

Kinman is a master at creating claymating creatures.

The man has made over 100 clay creatures, and some of his most popular creations include a stuffed bear, a stuffed tiger, a duck with a feather, and a rabbit that looks like a duck in a head.

The videos above show Kinman using clay as a way to create realistic clay creatures.

They also show him creating a stuffed animal with the head of a man that is made from a human.

The creator has been creating clay creatures since the 1970s.

He was famous for creating clay creations that he calls “Bambu-Bambou.”

It’s not just for his own entertainment.

Kinzman has a lot of friends who are also making clay creatures and he’s inspired a lot by his friends.

You can find Kinzmen clay creations on Facebook.

You can see more of Kinzmans clay creations here: [Polygon]