Which British artist are you? June 20, 2021 June 20, 2021 admin

There are many artists to choose from in the UK, but which ones are most influential?

Here’s a look at some of the most prominent names in the industry.


Adina Woodcarver, rochester Woodcarvers Arista and Nokias, whose work is often associated with the British rock scene.

Her works include ‘Horny’ and ‘Dirty’.


Anna Bell, ‘Swan Song’ and the film ‘Bitter Cold Night’.


Kate Nash, ‘Hairless’ and her acclaimed album ‘The Blue’ 4.

Noreen Green, ‘The Haunt’ and a new album ‘Gravity’.


Margo Staples, ‘All the Things You Need to Know About Love’ 6.

Lisa Ellington, ‘Wings’ and new album, ‘Love Is the Drug’.


James O’Keefe, ‘My Life with The Big Cheese’ 8.

Anna Pang, ‘Kong’ and album, new album.


David Bowie, ‘Blackstar’ and his new album Ziggy Stardust.


Kate Hoey, ‘Drowning Pool’ and record, ‘In The Name of Love’.


Sarah Mather, ‘Bastard of the Seas’ 12.

Rachael Bower, ‘You Should Be Here’, new album by the UK duo The Black Angels.


Alison Bechdel, ‘Mermaid’ 14.

Alyssa Milano, ‘A Girl Named Sue’ 15.

Alison Mosshart, ‘Viva La La’ 16.

Tania Thompson, ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ 17.

Laura Jansen, ‘Nosferatu’ and release date, ‘Lives of Others’.


Anna Nottage, ‘Omigod’ 19.

Rania Khalil, ‘Terrified’ 20.

Natalie Maines, ‘I Got You Babe’ and film, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.


Anna Su, ‘Staying Alive’ 22.

Kate Elliott, ‘No One Will Love You More Than Me’ 23.

Tasha Dixon, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ 24.

Rachel McAdams, ‘Girl’s Day’ 25.

Jessica Sall, ‘Dream of the Stars’ 26.

Sarah Vaughan, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ 27.

Sarah Harrison, ‘Wild Love’ 28.

Kate Winslet, ‘Blue Jasmine’ 29.

Emily Watson, ‘Penny Lane’ and movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.


Sarah Morrissey, ‘Blame Me, I Didn’t’ and debut album, album ‘A Perfect Circle’.


Sarah Paulson, ‘Bad Blood’ and recording, ‘Shake It Off’.


Tessa Violet, ‘Gigantic’ and upcoming album, The Velvet Underground.


Rosalind Franklin, ‘When I Grow Up’ 34.

Rosanne Cash, ‘Baby One More Time’ 35.

Ellie Goulding, ‘Like a Virgin’ 36.

Rachel Blumberg, ‘Beautiful’ 37.

Sarah Gilchrist, ‘How Much a Dollar Cost’ 38.

Joanna Newsom, ‘Rough Love’ 39.

Jessica Williams, ‘Funny Girl’ 40.

Ellie Cagle, ‘So What’ and song, ‘Nevermind’.


Sarah-Louise Parker, ‘One Night Only’ 42.

Laura Jane Grace, ‘This Is Us’ 43.

Anna Paquin, ‘American Beauty’ 44.

Rhea Butcher, ‘Unfair’ 45.

Kate Moss, ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ 46.

Aya Cashmore, ‘Just Give Me the Love’ 47.

Jessica Biel, ‘Can’t Stop’ and track, ‘Sweet Love’.


Alison Balsam, ‘Everyday I Wish’ 49.

Sarah Harding, ‘Better’ 50.

Kate McKinnon, ‘Girls Trip’ and live performance, ‘Inside Out’.


Sarah Brightman, ‘There Are Girls Like Us’ 52.

Aneeta Chaudhuri, ‘Your Life in Pieces’ 53.

Sarah Jessica Parker, The Real World and new film, “Inside Out”.


Kate Hudson, ‘We Were Never Ever Friends’ 55.

Rebecca Black, ‘Chained Up’ 56.

Emma Thompson, album, song, songwriter, song ‘Dancing on a Wire’.


Sarah Michelle Gellar, ‘Last Days of Summer’ 58.

Sarah Gold, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ 59.

Sarah Silverman, new book, ‘Life of Brian’.


Anna Wintour, ‘New York Magazine’ 61.

Kate Upton, ‘Hotels of the City’ 62.

Miley Cyrus, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ 63.

Julia Roberts, ‘Sex and the City: The Complete Collection’ 64.

Emily Ratajkowski, ‘Happy Together’ 65.

Emma Stone, ‘